I am sure most of you know how to properly prepare and apply face mask. Use this text as a simple reminder or as a useful guide for those who are just starting this wonderful skin care routine.



Preparing the mask is pretty simple, but still there are some steps that should be followed and details to be considered:

  • Start with 1 full teaspoon of powder (around 10 g) and put it in mixing bowl.
  • Little by little, slowly add water or floral water and mix continuously to avoid forming clumps.

Mask is ready when it is in a form of smooth thick paste that doesn’t just flow of the spoon. Be careful because there is a thin line between too thick and too thin paste. If that happens just wait for few minutes until water enters the clay structure and the mask thicken by itself.

  • If you are adding glycerine to the mask dilute it with little bit of water or floral water before adding it to the mask.
  • If you are adding oils and essential oils to the mask you should first dilute essential oils in oil and disperse that solution into already made thicker paste. Keep in mind that after adding oil paste will become thinner.

Some people strictly avoid metal spoons in preparing masks. If you want to do the same use very hard plastic or wooden teaspoons.
I am using metal teaspoons for mixing because they are more convenient and mixing time is short. Such short time does not allow massive ion exchange between metal and wet clay to happen and there will not be any significant decrease in mask effectiveness, but I leave the decision to you.

Prepared mask should be in consistency similar to toothpaste or custard so that it can be spread easily but not to slide or fall off the skin 



For the most spa-like precise application, use facial mask brush (if don’t have it, clean fingers will do) and apply mask in thick enough layer to cover your skin completely.

Masks should be applied once or twice a week. Excessive use can dry out or irritate your skin. It is best to apply them 10-20 minutes before taking a shower because that is also the time needed for the mask to get dry. Mask is best to be removed under shower because jet of water from the shower will wash away all clay particles from the skin, even those that can be "stuck" in the pores.
Before applying the mask do not clean your face with any foaming cleansers because that will strip away protective layer of the skin and then the mask can more easily cause skin irritation.
If you are wearing makeup, remove it with gentle oil based makeup remover and tap dry. If you are not wearing makeup, wash your face with plain water and tap it dry before applying the mask.

Remember that mask should be applied on dry skin without previous cleaning or scrubbing